Blending in Your Juicer

7 Things You Never Thought About Blending in Your Juicer

Juicing is undoubtedly one of the best and amazing ways to give your body the right amount of nutrition. All the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in the vegetables and fruits mix with your blood stream to make your healthier. But there are some mistakes or things that you have never thought probably about blending or juicing. Here are 7 such things which I have personally discovered with experience.

1. Avoid Too Much Sweet Fruits

1345_Juicing-vs-Blending-628x367Mainly the juices that we get from blending the fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals in it. It is like a shot of vitamin or minerals in our body. It is very much important for maintaining a proper health. Besides all the vitamins and minerals, fruits also contain a lot of fructose in which the sugar amount is quite high. So, if you blend too much of sweet fruits or vegetables at a time and have it, then you are actually taking in a lot of sugary juices. This will go straight in your blood stream and will hike up your blood sugar level.

2. Green Juices

BLENDING-VS-JUICINGI personally love to have juices which are green in color. Do you? Actually the green juice comes from the green vegetables which are packed with great nutrients. This also helps people to consume some useful vitamins and minerals in their body as well as helps to detox and cleanse your body. It will help you to improve your blood circulation as well. Another important thing is that it will not even spike the blood sugar level. That is why try to consume more green juices.

3. Pulp Is Essential

img_0074-0While blending make sure you do not remove the pulp. It is very important to have the pulp along with the juice. This is only possible with the blending and that is why it is different from that of the juicing. The pulp contains the fibre as well as some of the essential enzymes and nutrients which are very important for your body.

4. It Is Filling

IMG_4263When I am in hurry and do not have time to prepare anything and eat then I choose the blending. Since it doesn’t remove the pulp it is quite filling and will help you to stay like for ours. It is actually the whole fruits and vegetables that you are having as smoothie after blending.

5. Produce Less Waste

JuiceGuideCoverRavishingRedWhen you are blending fruits and vegetables in your juicer you will not find much waste in that. All the things are blended together in the juicer itself leaving no residue at all like it does while juicing. That is why I find it very easy to clean while I am in hurry.

6. Easy To Eat

Juicing-and-Blending-Two-Ways-to-Drink-Your-Body-CleanOften we do not like to eat some of the vegetables in our daily diet. But those are quite essential and important. But with blending you have the option to change the taste of the vegetable mixing it with some tasty fruits. This will help you intake the vegetable as well as it will not taste at all bad.

7. Less Fat Intake

juicingblendingWhile cooking people are tend to add some fats in it in form of oil or even dressings. But if you opt for blending then there are no chances of taking in fats but only the healthy vitamins and minerals.

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