Porsche Mechanical Problems

Common Porsche Mechanical Problems

Porsche refers to itself as a performance luxury brand. It means that in as much as the vehicle is a luxurious car, it also uses high-performance parts that can withstand a beating. However, just like any other vehicle, these parts eventually wear down due to regular use. As experts who handle Porsche on a daily basis, we have identified a number of mechanical problems that are common in this model. Knowing these issues puts you in a better place to understand what is happening with your vehicle.

Oil Leaks

This is a common issue that most Porsche owners experience. The causes can be several, including faulty valve cover gaskets and loose spark plug seals. One of the common problems that comes up is a faulty rear main seal. A leak through this area can have a devastating effect on the engine of the Porsche. If you allow the issue to persist, you are staring at the destruction in the clutch especially if the Porsche uses a manual transmission.

The leak might also occur if you store the vehicle for extended periods of time without use. No matter the type of oil leak you have, you need to have it diagnosed by a professional. After diagnosis, it needs to be repaired by a Porsche specialist.

Air-Oil separator Failure

The air-oil separator can go out of oil, which in turn affects the performance of the vehicle. This issue brings to the forefront a problem that has been overlooked by many Porsche owners – the need for regular oil changes. Whatever model of Porsche you drive, you need to change the oil every 10,000 miles. This is the standard requirement. For heightened performance, you ought to change the oil every 5,000 miles.

Worn Out Parts

Due to regular use, rough driving or accidents, the various parts on your Porsche start wearing out. These vehicles are made for heavy-duty use, which means that you ensure you get superior quality replacement parts. Obtaining cheap, low-quality parts from a seller who is not authorized to sell these parts might largely affect the performance of your vehicle.

The first thing which you need to understand is the type and part number of the various spare parts for the Porsche. The mechanic at www.pmwltd.co.uk can tell you what you need to know regarding the parts. If you choose to buy the parts by yourself, then this information is vital. On the other hand, if you decide to have the mechanic get the parts for you, the better.

The mechanic has various options when looking for these parts. For one, he can get them from the parts store or a genuine parts dealer.

A Heavy Clutch Pedal

Porsche using manual transmissions usually suffer from heavy pedals. Before you start your car, you need to check if the clutch pedal is sticky or heavy. The major cause of this problem is a leak in the accumulator. The accumulator might not function properly when it is not initiated during startup.

This problem can extend to other components, making it vital that you have a specialist to diagnose the problem and resolve it the first time it occurs.

A Stuck Ignition Key

The ignition lock mechanism, due to regular and constant use, might develop issues. The sign that the lock has a problem is it becomes hard to remove or put into the slot. Unless you resolve the issue in a timely fashion, you will one day put in the key, and it breaks inside the ignition, or it sticks. The good thing is that the procedure for repairing the ignition lock won’t necessitate replacement of your key.

Fuel Pump Failure

Many Porsche models that we have handled also have a problem with their fuel pump. The definite sign is that the car refuses to start until you press on the accelerator. If you notice the car cranking up without starting, then the major culprit is a faulty fuel pump. Most models come with two fuel pumps, both of which have to be replaced for best performance.

Leaking of the Coolant

The pipes that transmit coolant might often develop leaks. The definitive sign is steam arising from the engine. To fix this issue, the mechanic replaces these plastic pipes with metallic ones.

The Bottomline

There are so many mechanical issues that might arise with your Porsche. These issues need immediate attention to maintain or improve the performance of your Porsche. Make sure you use the right type of spare parts from an accredited dealer.