The Most Efficient (Un)natural Painkillers

The Most Efficient (Un)natural Painkillers

Every once in a while we deal with pain, whether it be a toothache, back pain, pain as the result of an accident, or maybe you ended up in a fight and broke your nose or jaw or perhaps just a swollen face. It often doesn’t make the pain any less so that makes for a good reason to write a post about painkillers and to see how effective they truly are.


As an easy to get over the counter medicine in most countries most people grab this first, from personal experience I can tell you it’s a great way to relieve a headache after you’ve been drinking too much. It’s probably strongest OTC painkiller you can find so naturally, we decided to list this one first. It comes in two doses, either 400mg or 600mg and taking one tablet at a time should normally be sufficient.


As long as your pain isn’t related to your nerves this definitely provides solace for a usual headache, joint pain or any other pain you can imagine that isn’t over the top. Although paracetamol is dosed at 500mg you can easily take two at the same time. Just make sure you don’t take more than 8 tablets a day as that can cause some serious damage so if the pain is more than you can bare you might want to visit a doctor.


You can’t get this one at your local supermarket or pharmacist without a prescription and honestly it isn’t all that effective if you take it in pure form, what often happens is that they mix it with paracetamol for the optimal effect, reducing your pain that is. Do keep in mind that the OTC painkiller comes with a very low dosage of codeine so if you need the stronger stuff you know where to go.


Your pain has to be truly severe for the doctor give you a prescription for morphine as this is the strongest painkiller there is and often only used in hospitals after a surgery. The only other way to get it is at the black market but obviously we can’t push you in that direction. It’s not advisable to use morphine for a long time, so a plan should be in place that allows you to move to the milder pain medications like the ones mentioned above.


Probably the weakest on our list, aspirin is pretty much like paracetamol and with that not very effective. It does help to reduce fever like symptoms and sometimes stomach pain but that’s really about it.

In Summary

Before considering any of these pills you do have to realize that if you use any of this for a prolonged amount of time that it can result in ulcers in your stomach, especially if you don’t eat properly or drink too much alcohol. Especially if you are an alcoholic you might want to look into alternative solutions that come with their own pain-relieving effects like CBD oil for example. It’s probably not as effective as CBD oil but alcohol is a painkiller on itself so by combining this oil and a few drinks your pain might be gone before you know it.


We never recommend to mix medicines with alcohol so don’t take the last paragraph as a recommendation to relieve yourself from your pain.