Everything you should know about Teaching English in Thailand

Getting a chance to work abroad is exciting, and there can never be a fulfilling feeling that exceeds working in a job that allows you to interact with so many people from diverse cultures. You understand how different people live their best foods their religion it’s a rare opportunity that allows you to appreciate diversity.  Thailand is an exciting country, and there is too much to enjoy and benefit from working in Thailand as a teacher teaching Taiwan’s English.  A majority of Thailand citizens want to learn English to be able to communicate with people globally, and the country has a lot of opportunities that can benefit English teachers.  Here is Teaching English in Thailand, the Fast & EZ Guide!

The requirements needed to get a job to teach English in Thailand are simple, all you need is to possess a bachelor degree, and it must not be in education. Americans are teaching English in Thailand, and they studied communication at the University.  The other certificate that is paramount is a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language).  With one of the two crucial certificates, you can quickly secure employment and work as an English teacher in Thailand. If you studied education at the University, you would not require taking a course to get one of these certificates.

The American TESOL Institute (ATI) in Bangkok is the ideal institute to enroll for a course in TESOL. The institute is recognised globally, and the certificate you receive from the country allows you to teach English in all the other foreign countries.  The English teachers’ courses are a three-week program, and the Institute requires you to pay $1000. The amount is inclusive of accommodation, and the fascinating part is during the training you get a chance to do real teaching to sharpen your teaching skills. –

ATI over the years has built its reputation on offering students jobs after training. You can complete the course on Friday and the following Monday the Institute has already gotten a job for you.  Getting a job after training is very exciting knowing that you will not have to tarmac all over Thailand looking for a job.  During the teaching, you will come across a huge number of people doing a similar job who are from Western countries. The people will be supportive, and they will help you to understand the way of life in Thailand and assist you to understand the various cultures and teach you basic Thai. The people you meet are friendly, and there are chances of cementing relationships that last forever. It is always good meeting an individual in a foreign country, and you become friends forever. When selecting a class in ATI go for a class that has a huge number of students it will allow you to meet energetic young people and the learning process will be fun filled.

The monthly salary that you get as a beginner is about 35000 Baht which is equivalent to $1000. In America the pay sounds small, but that is real cash in Thailand since the cost of living in the country is lower compared to America. With time the school where you are teaching can increase your salary and if you are lucky to get over $1500 the amount is sufficient, and you can save a lot of money if you are a wise spender.  A well-furnished apartment in Thailand is not costly with $150 you will get a house in a safe setting that is secure and has enough water and electricity.  The country has a lot of food, and you will spend a little amount buying food stuff, and if you love cooking in your house rather than going to eat out, you will be able to put more money into your savings account.

However you will have to be patient with the citizens because only a small number of them can speak English. They are however excellent in non-verbal communication, and for the first days, you will have to endure. As time passes by you will be able to understand their language especially on essential communication, and will interact with them in a better way. If you want to learn a new language easily, be keen and don’t be pissed off when the Thailand people speak to you in their language.  In your teaching career in Thailand, you will be able to appreciate diversity as you assist them to write and speak in English.