Finding Good References for Quality Research Papers

Finding Good References for Quality Research Papers

Research papers – two words which send anxiety and panic into the hearts of a number of students. Mainly, the panic is caused by the incapability of finding relevant references within the needed time.

Dedication of effort and time is necessary while writing a quality and extraordinary research paper. But, this may easily be accomplished if you have an excellent subject with accessibility to credible information sources. Let us take a look about how to locate credible sources!

Assessing Sources

While looking for sources, particularly websites, consider whether they’re reliable or not. You’d want your paper to have sources from unbiased and professional experts, instead of from those who have business interests.

The data you’ll gain from the publisher, author, citations, bias, currency, accuracy, reproduction, and design, will assist you in determining if a source is credible:

Great Sources

Academic Journals.

They’ll add some credibility and professionalism to your paper, and perform an efficient method of locating incredible articles on your topic, particularly in humanities and science.

Expert in Media-Associated Field/Teacher/Librarian.

You might ask that one of them to lead you to where the valuable sources are regarding your research subject. There’s a high probability they’re alert to all outs and ins of this topic more than you are for now. Within some schools, libraries will be separated according to the industry of the possible research. It’ll mean you may obtain advice from a librarian who specializes in your particular subject of interest.

The majority of colleges will have a membership to a huge database of scholarly articles such as JSTOR or lesser known EBSCO Host. Ask of your librarian about the likewise databases and services your school may be subscribed to.

Google Scholar is great as it shows how frequently the academic article was cited – an estimated numerical indicator of the research influence.

Microsoft Academic Search will work well for technical papers within industries of mathematics, engineering, biology, and physics.

Books: They’re one of the best methods of finding credible and valuable data. Because books contain more details than websites, they’re preferred as sources, especially within the humanities. Your public library or school website has so many of them.

Also, Google Books may assist you in finding relevant books associated with your subject. Information that relates to purchase of the book or how you can access it in the library also usually is offered.

Websites: They ought to be approached with care. While some seasoned professionals and experts publish outstanding information around various websites, there is a good amount of awful data published by money-minded individuals, too.

ERIC and RefSeek include databases made for researchers and students. They integrate a variety of associated journals on subjects, like psychology, social work, and additional social factors.

Sources You Should Not Use


Starting your research paper with, “According to the dictionary” will render the statement weak because the meaning of the majority of words already is known to the readers. Therefore, instead of using the dictionary for definition of a complicated term, utilize a more topic centered definition from journals or credible sources in case you are using complicated words which readers may not be familiar with.

It’s actually a cool website, but you can’t be certain of the accuracy of the data because anyone may write it. And mainly professors specifically restrain you from making use of Wiki and likewise resources.

There isn’t any use getting panic-stricken about writing academic papers. You will be on your way to creating a fabulous research paper if you use the resources in this post. They’ll assist you in accessing the most valuable and credible sources to base the essay on.