Frigidaire FAD704DWD 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD 70 pint dehumidifier is an electronic device that protects your home from mildew and molds that is caused by excess moisture in the air. In addition, it also helps to eradicate bacteria in the air that at times makes breathing quite difficult. This dehumidifier is ideal for the basements as well as for general home use.

5508e9483246a-ghk-soleus-air-sg-deh-45-1-dehumidifiers-mdnWhen this unit is located near a suitable drain, it is capable of continuous operation. This feature plus that of auto shut off makes this dehumidifier easy to use and ideal in a wide range of environments. This unit features an easy to access collection container with an indicator, top-centered mechanical controls, and a washable filter that deals with room odors, bacteria, and other air borne particles. Thanks to its ability to control humidity, this unit grants you the chance to regulate the exact percentage of humidity in your house or in the basement. In fact, this unit can eliminate up to 8.7 gallons of the extra moisture per day. This is a true definition of efficiency. Moreover, it has a portable design that includes a top handle, caster wheels, and side handles makes it easy to move from room to room

Performance and Efficiency

550906db46099-ghk-comfort-aire-bhd-651-g-dehumidifiers-mdnOn performance, this dehumidifier is always top rated for humidistat accuracy. It is capable of removing humidity in the air even in large rooms of up to 1400 square feet. This unit is capable of performing exemplary well even at lower temperatures hence it is suited for use in basements and other cooler areas. Therefore, if performance is to be measured by energy efficiency and the ability to remove water and humidity, then this dehumidifier will have an excellent score.

Ease of use

5509073dcd1d0-ghk-danby-ddr7009ree-dehumidifiers-mdnThis unit does not require much expertise while using it. It has a full tank alert that will let you know when it is time to empty the unit. Moreover, it automatically restarts after a power failure hence it can be used with very little monitoring. In addition, the unit is easily portable hence moving this unit is a breeze. Furthermore, the collection container is also easy to empty. The slide out bottom makes it easy to access the filter.

However, a few people complain about the drain hose saying that it is difficult to use.

On the other hand, this unit guarantees you a quiet operation. However, the dehumidifier may be a bit loud when the fan is rotating at a very high speed.

How It Works

5509094790278-ghk-ge-ader65lnq1-dehumidifiers-mdnWhen this dehumidifier is started, it starts to pull the air that contains the moisture across the dehumidifying coil. This coil draws the moisture from the air by condensing it. The moisture free air then flows out into the room via the side louvers as dry and warm air. The removed moisture is collected in a bucket in front of this unit.

Pros and Cons of this unit

Frigidaire-FAD504TDD-DehumidifierThe pros of this unit are evident in the performance, efficiency, and the ease of use of this unit. This may include the fact that this unit is quiet, energy efficient as well as being very effective at water removal.

On the other hand, this unit’s does continuous drainage does not work. Additionally, it has no auto defrost. These are drawbacks for this wonderful unit.

Bottom Line

This dehumidifier which is the nr.1 choice at Dehumidifier Web is a perfect solution for dealing with the extra moisture in the air. It efficiency guarantees desired results.