Great Summer Activities For Your Child

In the summer, kids need to keep themselves busy to prevent themselves from becoming bored. After all, if they become bored that is only going to annoy you as they will remind you of their boredom. Needless to say, giving your child an activity to do (even if it means doing it with them) will benefit both of you.

Scavenger Hunt

Now, there are a few ways you could go about this. One way is to challenge your child to find an object that starts with every single letter of the alphabet. You could even set your own rules; such as only allowing items to be found outdoors, or giving them a set time limit. However, if you have an older child this may be too simple for them. Another take is to create a scavenger hunt based on hints and riddles. Do not worry, you do not have to think of any in your head (just use the massive world of the internet to find some ideas).

Lemonade Stand

Ah, yes, a staple for kids growing up. When you were a kid, did you ever partake in some sort of lemonade stand? Chances are, you have been associated with them some time in your life. So, you should introduce your child to them yourselves. Although the cliché beverage/food item for this type of stand is lemonade, it can be whatever your child wants. They could sell cookies, brownies, lemonade, or Kool-Aid (or even combinations of each) and fulfill their boredom while making a few extra bucks.


The above activities work better as solo ones, but you may want to partake in an activity with them. In the summertime, there may not be one that fits the bill more than bicycling. You get to enjoy the beautiful weather around you while spending quality time with your child. In addition, if your child does not know how to, this can be a great time for you to teach them how to ride a bicycle. If your child does fall under this category, they probably do not have a bike to ride. As a child’s first riding experience is important, you should look up and research the perfect model for them. Here on Cycling Plaza, though, all the research is done as they have all the answers to picking the right bike for your child.


Yes, there is a reason to why these two activities are crammed in the same section. Probably 99 out of 100 kids will be excited to go to their local park for the afternoon. However, you may not live in a neighborhood that has an adequate local park. Even if you do, you could spoil your child by taking them to a park for an entire weekend. Or, in other words, take them camping at a campground. For added entertainment, bring along some of your child’s friends (if they are old enough). Much like bicycling, you get to spend quality time doing activities you both enjoy.

Set up Sprinklers

When you think of summer, you think of swimming. The two go together about as well as chocolate and milk. However, the ability to do so is not always available. If you are not near a lake or do not have access to a pool, you can’t swim (or, better yet, your child can’t). A terrific alternative is to set up a sprinkler system in your yard and let your child go nuts. On hot summer days, this can be ingenious.

Game Night

Who says that all great summer activities must take place in the middle of the day (or outside). Sometimes, it is good to have something planned when the evening comes around. What better way to do so than to set up a game night? Dig deep into your closets and pull out all the classics (Pictionary, Bingo, Monopoly, etc.) or just a simple 52-card playing deck. Invite as many people as you can get; as the more, you can find the merrier.

Summer time is a kid’s vacation; so, do not let them experience it with no excitement or pure boredom. After all, you would not want your vacation to resemble this, would you?