How to be a dad

Okay, I’m not going to tell you how to become a dad, hopefully you’ll figure that out for yourself. What I want to put across are some suggestions for men who are planning to become fathers in the near future, or perhaps who have recently become fathers.

Seeing as you are reading this and you presumably are planning on sticking around to support your child, that’s already a great thing. Guys who run out on their families and children are not real dads – in fact they are not even real men. So good on you for still being here. As you’re now expecting a child, it’s time for you to leave the last of the child in yourself behind. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore it just means you should have your fun in a dad way and at dad times. So if your idea of fun is staying up all night playing computer games – that’s going to have to change. If you’re the type who likes clubbing, you’d better do some growing up, and quick. Clubbing and being a good dad are not compatible.

The first thing you should do is look at your attire. Do you look like a dad? If you’re wearing a baseball cap the wrong way round and have your trackie bottoms tucked into your socks, the answer is obviously no. You look like a little boy who is going nowhere fast. Throw away those clothes immediately. Make sure your hair looks like a dad’s – short back and sides, but not too short. If you’re going to try to give it some shape, use Bryllcreme (and Old Spice or Brut – deodorant and talcum powder – on your body).

Replace your briefs with Y-fronts. Throw out the bright and the brash and replace with dull colours and good fits. How about a nice moss green Pringle jumper to go with those brown cords? You can still wear your trainers, as long as you lace them up properly. After all, dads are not supposed to have any sort of fashion sense.

Now you may be wondering what your mates are going to think of you when they see you in those clothes. Thing is, they are not your mates any more. You don’t go out comparing how much air you get on your skateboards now. You do dad things like lay a flower bed, cut the lawn and keep it green. Go and wash the car and then put the kettle on. If you have ten minutes, you can watch the cricket on telly, ok?

You’ll get used to being a dad in this way as you learn to love being a father to your child. Be there whether your little one needs you or not. They will need your guidance, support and love for years to come. Be patient, put your family first, always have time to make memories with your child and love them unconditionally. That’s how to be a dad.