Rice Cooker for Two

Looking on the market, it seems finding a rice cooker that will work well for a small family or couple is not an easy task. Lots of the rice cookers that are available today are designed to supply a large amount of rice for bigger families or restaurants.

I have searched the internet and found a perfect rice cooker that would suit someone looking to cook smaller amounts.

During my research I found a brilliant web site that dedicates itself to the world of rice cookers. With the information I found there, I decided to write my own rice cooker reviews. Click on the link to read numerous, unbiased reviews on different makes and models of rice cookers.

I am going to review a Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker. A perfect option if you are looking for a household rice cooker.

Sleek Design

When you look into the world of rice cookers, you will find that like many other appliances, you can buy a top end machine or an entry level model. With Zojirushi you are buying a rice cooker at the top end of the market. With the build quality and design of this model, it is not hard to see why people hold Zojirushi in such high regard.

The Zojirushi rice cooker is a fantastic size for a small family or couple. It will fit nicely into a small kitchen and doesn’t take up much counter space. You can leave the appliance out on a counter top because it has been designed with style in mind. It has a lovely stainless steel finish, enough to impress to most style conscious of guests.

Because it is light, you can easily move the cooker from the kitchen to the dining room with ease. You can cook between one and three cups of rice.

Full of Features

This model has ‘intelligent’ technology. This basically means it can intelligently select the temperature the appliance needs to be cooking at, at any given time, a fantastic feature if you prefer to let the appliance do all of the thinking.

It has a ‘keep warm’ function. This allows you to cook the rice and hygienically maintain the temperature until you are ready to serve.

An easy to read LCD display keeps you informed of the cooking progress and has an integrated timer which allows you to set a time when you require the cooker to turn on. Coming home to freshly cooked rice is a fantastic feature that sets this model apart.

Five cooking modes are available. They are white rice, sushi, porridge, brown rice and quick cook. You can use the rice cooker for a multitude of applications including an option for steaming vegetables.

The non-stick cooking bowl is brilliant. The rice never sticks or burns and makes cleaning quick and easy.

Pros and Cons


This Zojirushi rice cooker has many selling points. One of my favourites is the ‘intelligent’ technology. You can easily let the appliance do all of the cooking for you.

Even if you are a technophobe, this little machine is very easy to follow and so easy to use. You really can’t go wrong!

Because the bowl has a great non-stick surface cleaning is very quick and easy.

The retractable power cord keeps everything neat and tidy. It would be a shame to keep it in a cupboard because it has a smart and stylish design.


A little more expensive than other models available but, in my opinion, it really is worth paying the extra for this cooker.

It is a great shame that the bowl is not dishwasher safe, but the non-stick surface is very effective which makes it easy to clean.

The cooking time is at least half an hour, but with the timer, you can always set it to start cooking whenever you require it to do so.


Is it Worth Paying the Extra??

With this model, you are not only buying a quality product, you are buying into a very good brand.

The warranty gives you peace of mind just in case anything goes wrong. This is very unlikely because it is very well built.

The different functions and features are brilliant and make for easy cooking. It does everything you would expect from a kitchen gadget and more. Although a little more expensive, you are buying a top quality product, so be rest assured that you are making the correct choice here.

This model offers much more than just being a rice cooker. If you are looking for an appliance that will work well for a small family or couple. This should be one that you seriously consider!