Samsung CF390 Gaming Monitor Review

If a product is made by Samsung (more times than not), there is a high chance that it will be among the best. While it may be questionable to say their CF390 gaming monitor is among the best, it’s still a very competent one that has several great features.

Ultra-Slim Design

For starters, it’s amazing how thin this monitor really is. Although it has a screen size of 24 inches, it is only 0.5 inches thick. Adding onto this is the fact that the screen is curved, which makes it appear even thinner. This type of display (with an 1800R curvature design) provides an incredibly immersive experience, while also being very comfortable to the eye. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, all of the blacks and whites look deep and bright, respectively. However, it’s not impossible to see objects in dark areas.

AMD FreeSync Technology

For gamers, it’s very important for their monitors to have a great refresh rate and response time. With the use of AMD FreeSync technology, input latency and image tearing is minimized as much as possible. However, the response time can be brought into question. At 4ms it’s not necessarily bad, but other models offer shorter times. The shorter the time, the less ghosting, input lag, and motion blur will come into play.

Special Features

There are two main additional features that really make this model worth it. Firstly, is the Eco-Saving Plus feature. To save power, this will automatically reduce the screen brightness and ensure fluid brightness transitions. Secondly, is the Eye Saver Mode. At the touch of a button, the effects of blue light emissions and flickers can be reduced. During extended periods of use, this becomes extremely important.

No Receiver

It’s a plus when the biggest negative (outside of only a decent response time) to a monitor is the lack of a receiver. Instead of being able to press a button to turn on the monitor, it has to be done so on the back of the screen. Whilst this is not a catastrophic deal, it can become an inconvenience over time.

Looking past the lack of a receiver and unsatisfying response time, there is a lot to love about the CF390 monitor. It’s ultra-slim, curved design offers a fantastic viewing experience, the FreeSync technology provides smoothness, and there are great power and health saving features.

If this isn’t the right option, though, that’s perfectly fine as there are other options available. For more information on a particularly great one, check out this Acer R240HY review.