The Power Washer is My Favorite New Toy Right Now

If you’ve visited this blog before you’re well aware of the many adventures in Motherhood that we live out on a daily basis around here. This time, I want to tell you about one of my greatest allies in all of these exploits of mine. In previous posts, I’ve documented some of the best tools to make being a Mom easier on the mind, body, and soul, but this time I’ve got something that is vital to your everyday routine.

It’s a pressure washer. Yes I know, you’re thinking that your old friend Marie has gone and lost her mind again. Well, you would be dead wrong about that one sister! This washer has been an absolute lifesaver on more than one occasion for the simple fact that it’s more than just a simple pressure washer. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me back up just a second.

This actually isn’t mine, but my hubby’s. He bought it online after one of his buddies told him about a website that he started about a year ago. His name’s David (not my hubby, his buddy) and he’s big into home improvement and repair. He’s one of those walking encyclopedias about everything related to tools and stuff you can find at one of your local Home Depot or Lowe’s stores. Anyway, he’s started to develop all of that knowledge and know-how into a considerable online presence in which he covers a variety of different helpful tools and home improvement essentials.  David’s latest website deals with gas and electric powered pressure washers. Maybe that doesn’t sound so sexy or exciting at first, but I had never used one of these before and, let me tell you, I don’t know how I lived this long without one. Holy moly, this thing does it all. We cleaned off the old grill made it look like new. Now it’s ready for another summer of grilling. I cleaned out the old dog kennel, power-washed the driveway, finally opened up the gutters and downspouts, even took it to the lawn mower and we’ve used it to wash the car a few times!

I took it out and used it on all the windows around the outside of the house and, I’ll tell ya, I’ve never seen them look that clean since we bought the place five years ago. We even had David over to the house to teach us the best ways to use it and show us how all of the features worked on the model we bought, based on his recommendations of course!

Now it’s important to tell you that while I called it a toy up top, this is NOT a toy. It can be a dangerous item to have around the house, particularly if the kids get their hands on it.  A pressure washer is just that, a tool that shoots pressurized water with force. I had to be careful with it on the house, the power could have broken the windows so it’s very important to be cautious around young kids. They’ll think it’s just a super water gun but it is definitely not to be aimed at any living things. You could cause or sustain serious injury that way. David was very careful to instill that into all of us when we brought it home and he walked us through all of the basics of pressure washer use.

With all of that out of the way, I can reiterate once more that a pressure washer is definitely worth owning around the house. It handles so many jobs that it’s really an all-purpose tool that you can use on just about anything and everything and I just love it.