The Theory of Thanksgiving: Why Do My Kids Hate My Cooking?

072012VFinalA1My kids are never fond of the things I make for dinner, and when it comes to holiday occasions, they really aren’t any different. I try and make sure that there’s tons of time to prepare the food itself, but I admit that I can be a forgetful person. There was one time that I actually left a turkey in the sink to thaw for about three days straight – I’m still not completely sure how I was able to manage that one. Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that we celebrate as intensely as possible, because we don’t really believe in the entire aspect of it. We eat our dinner together every single day of the week, so it’s nothing to worry about – I only enjoy making the food because it’s a nice change from what I usually do. I’ve always wondered why my kids weren’t very fond of my cooking, and I think I’ve finally realized what the problem was. I’m not the greatest cook to ever grace the face of this earth, but I’m definitely not the worst. My kids just aren’t very big fans of the cooking I’ve done, and I don’t think it’s due to the fact that my food doesn’t taste good – I just think they want to become vegetarians.
Indonesia (23)Their father and I had split up about four years ago, but we did it on good terms. He turned into a vegetarian around two years ago, and I guess that kids started to eat his food when they would head over to his house. I have nothing wrong with that, and I completely agree with the fact that they should be hanging out with their father as often as possible – I just don’t know how I’m supposed to help them keep to their roots. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have a problem if they wanted to completely swap over to vegetarianism, it just means that they would probably want to live with their father.
I went about getting a the right mixer from Mixer Picks, as I thought that it would help me incorporate a lot more greens into the diet of my children. I started to mix up an abundance of greens in the morning, and then I tried to go about steaming some veggies for maxresdefaultdinner. Even after that, they still said I wasn’t able to cook the things they liked just as their father did. Thanksgiving was going to be the peak of this situation, as when Thanksgiving finally rolled around I knew that my kids were done with meat. I had prepared the most beautiful turkey ever, I honestly can say that I’ve never made a better turkey than I did this time around – and my kids didn’t even look at it. I had all of the trimmings included, all of the cranberry sauce and such; they still wouldn’t even give it a try!

The End of It All!

quesadilla2As soon as they refused to take part in the Thanksgiving dinner, there was pretty much nothing left for me to do. I asked my children if they really hated my cooking that much, and they kind of chuckled a bit. They told me that they didn’t hate my cooking, they just didn’t want to seem as if they had to rely on their parents anymore. I was relieved, because I was beginning to think that my children weren’t being completely honest with me; they assured me that I wasn’t in the position to worry about anything.

I was finally able to relax a little bit, and it literally made my week. My kids were finally able to communicate with me in an efficient manner, and I didn’t nee to think that they completely hated my cooking. It’s one thing to have your kids hate one or two of your meals, but all of your cooking in general? That’s somewhat unheard of! When it comes down to it, all I really had to do was ask my kids what was really going on in their lives. Communication is key!