Memory Foam Pillow

Three Less Technical Considerations In A Memory Foam Pillow

21Zr1EQWINLMemory foam is one of the ultimate luxuries in the bedding and sleeping industry. You can find memory foam pillows, mattresses, toppers and so on.

When it comes to pillows, their main role is to adapt to the shape of your head, only to enhance your comfortable sleep.

Technologies keep upping though, while plenty of manufacturers try their best to make the difference with one unit or another.

38165_imageNot all of them manage to do it by the book though. If you think about it, there is a wide plethora of elements in commerce.

Choosing the right one asks for research and education.

Remember that you spend about 30% of your life in bed, so never underestimate the comfort.

Main Factors in Choosing a Memory Foam Pillow

There are plenty of technical terms to look for in memory foam pillows. While they are certainly worth some attention, do start with the basic and less professional things too.

1284791382537_hz-myalibaba-web11_2093According to the experts at, size is the first thing to consider. The size of a pillow depends on the size of your mattress.

If you got a king size bed, you probably have a large pillow too. Some people may not really like that long pillow, so they would rather choose two or three smaller pillows spread over.

When it comes to the sleeping position, this is one of the first things to keep in mind when purchasing a new pillow.

It sounds irrelevant, but a little variation will have a huge impact over your sleep. For example, if you sleep on one side, you require a thick pillow to support the neck and head. If it is too short, it will not raise to your side “height”.

On the other hand, if you sleep on the back, the pillow is directly responsible for the spinal comfort. The head must be lifted a little until it reaches to the body level.

Stomach sleepers do not have to worry too much. Thin pillows are ideal. Many of them do not even use a pillow.

Think about the firmness too. Memory foam pillows do not require too much firmness.

Even if you do not feel like diving your head into the material, specialists agree that memory foam pillows with a higher density are likely to support your head and neck way better than those firm models.

A higher density defines a softer pillow. The density should not go below 3 or 4 pounds if you truly care about your comfort. The same rule applies to mattresses if you plan to buy one.

In the end, the list is longer, but these main criteria will help you narrow the selections a little and come up with a good final choice.