Best Educational Games for Children

Top 10 Educational Toys for Children

You want to give your kid something to play with but you don’t want them to waste their time either. So what better to give than a game that helps them develop their skills or learn something from it in a different way. That’s why I created this list of the top 10 games for a more developed child.

For Babies and Pre-Schoolers

Let’s start with a few toys for the youngest among us and later we will move on to educational games that can be played on an iPad or tablet.

On Top of The List: LEGO

LEGO enhances the creativity of your child, and you can start doing this from a very young age thanks to their side-product called DUPLO, which is extremely suitable for young toddlers so that they can start developing their skills at the age of two. I don’t think there is any other game that can keep your kids busy during their whole youth. Thanks to a wide range of options it will them busy till they are at least sixteen years old as LEGO hasn’t been sitting still when it comes to developing more technological advanced products like Mindstorms.

Puzzles, Letters, and Numbers

Other great items to develop the sills of your toddler are chunky wooden puzzles, especially when it comes with a box to put it in you can help them increase their motor skills, and some of these toys come in the shape of letters and numbers so that you can teach them how to count from one to ten, and increase your childs vocabulary in a playful way.

Musical Instruments / Toys

Some of these musical toys come with a sing along option, almost like a karaoke machine while others are designed with a visual display or pictures on it that show animals on the buttons, when your child hits the horse button it makes a sound like a horse. I guess that doesn’t require any further explanation as I’m not explaining it to a toddler here but you can understand how it teaches your child new things. It would be even better if it also pronounced the words after the initial sound.

A Drawing Board House

We’re not getting into the fine arts here, but a drawing board is definitely a must-have for your child, and perhaps you’ll be amazed by their artistic skills, at least it might partly show you which direction to take your child to when it can’t make its own choices. The least you can do is stimulate them and before you know it you produced the next Picasso 😉

Magic Water Cube

For the youngest ones there is a magic water cube with six holes in it, all in different sizes, your baby can use his hands to rotate it and watch the water pour out in different styles and be amazed by the effects it produces. This will definitely enhance his/her mind while still having a lot of fun with it.

For Middle-Grade Schoolers

Your child is now at least six years old and it’s likely you have a tablet or laptop at home to let them play on while you assist them. There is literally an abundance of choice when it comes to educational apps but I will try to keep it short and discuss only the most popular ones.

  • Hangman – We all know this game from our youth when we drew it on a piece of paper, well now there is a digtal version available for your smartphone or tablet. The world ain’t sitting still haha.
  • Movie maker – By LEGO, this allows your youngster to make his/her very own mini movie with their most popular super heroes featureing in it. This definitely stimulates their creativity so if that’s what you want go for it.
  • Garage band – If you’re more into audio than this is a must-have app, it’s a complete recording studio so if you think your child might want to become a musician or has a great voice then this is it.
  • Math board – It might get a little complicated here if your child is too young, but it presents it in a very easy to understand matter so why not give it a try. If it won’t help it won’t hurt either.
  • Coin catcher – The website I linked to before,, claims that while you are chasing coins it also teaches you how to be financially responsible, I can’t vouch for that as I haven’t played it but maybe you can let us know if that’s true in the comments below.
  • Story wheel – With this app you have to spin the wheel, and each time you do this you collect the part of a story, now put it in the right order and one you succeed it will automatically play the story in an animated way. How awesome is that?

In Conclusion

I hope you’re a little wiser after reading this post and if you have any suggestions yourself we’d love to hear from you!