Top Instagram Growth Tactics

Instagram has become one of the most vital networks around. Musicians and models, to name a few, have launched careers and companies have built massive customer bases thanks to the way the network works.

Can you achieve the same? Of course, you can, and we have a few tips that can help you do it easily and fast.

Optimize Your Bio

When you start with Instagram the first time, you will have to set up your account and attach the right bio. Instagram gives you one shot at using a link in the bio, so you have to be very innovative when deciding where to redirect the link.

You might be so tempted to send your followers to your homepage for the website, but you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities to get information and create long-lasting relationships.

For the best solution, you need to build a special landing page for your Instagram followers. This could be a product page, a giveaway or a video that they will grow to love. It could even be a special discount for the product that you have advertised on the platform.

Doing this gives you an extra weapon to drive conversion to your website.

However, you need to make sure you create the perfect landing page for your users. Since Instagram is a mobile platform, the landing page needs to be dynamic and mobile friendly.

Once your bio is all set, the next step is to start posting content.

Come Up with a Solid Content Strategy

Content is what drives success on Instagram, which means you need to know what to post and at what time to post. Make sure you are consistent with your posting, come up with a content theme and use different content types.

Being consistent doesn’t mean dumping several posts to your account each day and letting everything run its course. Instead, you need to post at a certain time without fail so that your audience has something to look forward to each day. The more content you post, the faster your likelihood of growing bigger.

However, you need to come up with a post that will entice the buyers into taking action. The post needs to be useful to the audience and make them want to click on a link or buy a product.

The good thing is that you can automate your posts using a bot. The automation makes it possible for you to schedule a series of posts the whole week without having to be physically there to post the content.

Get More Followers

Once you have a content strategy, the time has come for you to grow your follower base. The need for followers is all about making sure you have a customer base that you can sell to, or that can share your content all over.

One of the ways to get the right followers is by going the normal way – posting content and following people back with the hope that they will also follow you. This is tedious and tough, which needs you to make sure that you stay on the app each hour.

You can automate this too, using a bot that Fred Harrington recommends for getting auto followers. The tool is easy to use and gives you the results in a few hours. Take time to understand how the tool works to get the best results.

In Conclusion

One of the best tactics to grow your account is to come up with the perfect bio, then have a content strategy in place before you get more followers.