Ways to modernise your home

These days it seems that we live in a world full of technology and you only have to blink to fall behind. Whilst many neo-Luddites lament the days when ‘people used to talk to each other instead of texting’ and ‘children used to play outdoors, not being stuck in front of a screen all day’, the fact remains that technology is a tool and it’s up to us how we use it, if at all. So let’s look at some of the ways we can embrace modern technology in our homes to improve our lives.

One of the biggest concerns of most people is home security. Long gone, so they say, are the days when we could leave our front doors open and allow our children to play out until dusk. We started buying heavier doors with more complicated locks to keep us safe. But every lock can be picked. Why not deter any would-be burglars from trying to break into your home by removing traditional locks altogether and installing an eye-scanning door lock? This gadget takes a high resolution photograph of a person’s iris and then compares it to a list of potential matches to see whether it should open the door or not. If you’re on the list of people who would formally have had a key, the door will open for you. If not, you’ll have to ring like anyone else. One thing is for sure, you’re not picking the lock. Even if you bring a photo of the owner’s eyes to hold up, there are scanners which require you to blink before taking the photo, to prevent precisely that trick.

Another technological solution for home security can be applied to your windows. Film can be put up which is designed to reduce glare and UV ray penetration, reducing the effect of sunlight on carpets and room temperature. It also provides added security as it serves as an additional barrier to impede entry should an intruder seek to gain entry to your house through a window.

A really impressive addition to your living room can also be used instead of a typical pane of glass. Transparent TVs look just like glass when they are switched off. That’s right – you can see right through them. But with a simple voice command, your window is turned into a TV. You could replace all of the windows in your living room with different TV screens!

Another useful and convenient system to install is a simple device which can control your heating and lighting systems on voice command. Simply program the commands you want to use, for example “kitchen light off, living room light fade 50%, kitchen heating 20%” etc. You can also program this to follow a set routine if you leave it.

Solutions like this can be added all around your house – controlling water pressure, temperature, intelligent garden sprinklers, garage light and door sensors. If you still open your garage door manually, or you have a chain-powered door opener, take a look at the new generation of super-smooth door openers, which add an extra-modern feeling to your house, even if they may be a little overpriced.

If you want to take it to the next level, you could have total LED ceiling lighting installed. As you can imagine, this can be programmed to give you exactly the right amount of light or shade in the exact place you want it, and can change throughout the day according to your program. You can even use a pointing device to ‘paint’ on the ceiling, kind of like a massive Etch-a-Sketch. Great fun for the kids.

There are so many other futuristic gadgets just waiting for you to discover them – water-powered lamps, smart water-saving faucets, house robots and more – even if you decide not to buy them, you can have a lot of fun just playing with them in the shops.

Every now and then, when an old person passes away, we are amazed at the state of their houses, which look like they haven’t changed in a hundred years, with oil lamps, mangles and billows. Will your house give people the same impression when your time comes?