Why should you explore China?

Other cultures from around the world have always fascinated me. I live in the United Kingdom and we have different cultures from the town which is just five minutes down the street from us! However what the people just down the road are getting up to doesn’t really bother me. What I am really interested in is what those people who live across the opposite side of the world are doing and how they live their lives. I know for example that our American cousins love their country beyond belief and are incredibly patriotic. Over here in Britain we are sarcastic about the place we live in but if that happened in America you would be deported on the back of a bald eagle whilst waving the American flag and reciting Yankee Doodle. As the Americans are worrying close to my own culture, I am going to venture away from them and head over to the Far East. The country the interests me the most is China as their culture is so diverse that you will probably never be able to stand it all. I wanted to take a closer look at some of their habits and ways of life, so without further ado let me tell you what I found out!

The food

When you think of Chinese food be honest and just admit that all that really came to mind was the takeaway shop on the end of your street. In reality Chinese food is so incredibly varied that you would need about 15 mouths to try it all in a lifetime. You have the noodles and the rice dishes but the Chinese are also famed for their fish meals and their other meats. Crispy duck is a particular favourite over there, and I am going to have to stop discussing this now as I am getting hungry even writing about it!

Feng Shui

This is probably the element of Chinese culture which intrigued me the most. Let’s think about the situation. You have just bought a portable heater from http://www.home-improvement.guru/best-portable-generators/ and you want to know where to put it. Now in your head you are probably thinking where best to place it so that it is out the way and you won’t trip over it. This however is not how the Chinese brain works. They use a system called Feng Shui and the whole principle behind it is to harmonize everyone with the surrounding environment. They do this by very carefully placing every piece of furniture in the room so that the energy in there has somewhere to flow. It may sound crazy to us but it seems to work for millions of people in the country so what have you got to lose by trying it out? Give me a second, I’m just going to move my book case…..

The history

As I am sure you all know, Britain is a place which is steeped in history. The reason maps look like they do is because we claimed that the central timeline for the whole of the earth should be in Greenwich in London for goodness sake. However China has us well and truly beaten when it comes to history. They have got it in absolute spades. The Chinese have been around for thousands of years and their dynasties are testament to that. Everyone has heard of the Ming china and this comes from a dynasty who ruled the country for hundreds of years hundreds of years ago. China is a land which has given us many of our modern day luxuries and appliances, and if we just spent a little longer learning about the country as a whole then many we would appreciate it that little bit more.

I hope by reading this I have persuaded you to do your own studying into this amazing country and who know, one day I may even see you when you travel over to explore it too. I’m already looking forward to it!