6 Important Days In A Woman’s Life

You cannot compare men and women when it comes to memory. Most men will focus on the present and future while women will have memories of things that happened even centuries ago. It is not that men are dumb, or women are obsessed with the past, but it is how humans work. For instance, a woman can tell you what the exact words you said five years ago that really hurt her. Just joking, but they have a good memory especially of things that affect their lives directly. The following are the most important days in a woman’s life that you cannot ignore.


    1. Her birthday

If you do not like throwing parties or buying gifts, then you have to rethink your priorities when you get the woman of your dreams. Every girl wants some special treatment during this day, and it does not have to be expensive. You have to understand her likes first to come up with the perfect gift on this special day. You do not have to ask her, but you can become somehow creative and twist her to give the answer you require. A special painting or portrait of her with some inspiring words can be a great idea. You can also have a customized pillow or necklace for this particular day.


    1. The day you met her

Every love story has its own tuning, and yours also must have its juicy details. Men forget fast on the fine details of how the day was but women cannot. She will tell exactly how you dressed on that material day, your first words and where you were. In some cases, you may have been raised together in your childhood, but there is that day that you decided to take things to the next level. If she was your classmate, there was that day you made the first move. She will always cherish this day because it is the day that she got a lover and a confidant.


    1. Proposal day

After dating for a while, you decide to take the relationship a notch higher. Some people date but not all of them lead to marriage. Most men are afraid of getting no for an answer but you were courageous enough to propose, and it was a yes. No woman will forget this day because you proved that the dating was not in vain and you saw something special in her and you are ready to live with each other’s imperfections. She realizes that you are the one and you want her to spend the rest of her life with you. The proposal may not have been fancy but just posing the question is all she wants.


    1. The wedding day

Why do people refer to the wedding as the woman’s day and totally ignore the man? Men as well enjoy, but it seems all the focus turns to the bride and people will always talk about how beautiful she is, her gown and her general mood. You should always strive to give to your woman nothing short of the best during this occasion. You can either decide to hold a traditional or modern wedding whichever suits you best depending on your upbringing and finances. Lack of proper preparation can lead to a dull event, and you do not want any of that. You can check what it takes to have superb entertainment from http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com/wedding-music-derbyshire.htm for your wedding. Such entertainment will make the day unique, and even the guests will never forget it. You can either decide to invite some few guests only or make the wedding open to the public.


    1. Her first delivery

Kids bring new joy to the union and the family members even become closer. The first child introduces her to motherhood where she has to change her general view of life. If you are not careful, she can divert all her love from you to the newborn. You have to support her emotionally during this transitional period when she wants only the best for the child. Pregnancy is new to her, and all the challenges she goes through makes her stronger. Even if it is painful during delivery, she will have a reason to smile at the end of it all. Subsequent deliveries will be simpler, and she will know what it takes to be a mother and wife.


    1. Anniversary

Men are very poor at keeping anniversary dates and women do not like that character about men. You can celebrate a lot of things such as the day you met, the day you proposed or the most common which is the wedding day. It is during this day that you take her out and discuss your journey together, the challenges and happy times you have together. You can buy her a simple gift on this day just to spice up your union. If possible, you can take her to dinner at the exact place you met or proposed. Such a scenario will make her re-live the moment and re-light the spark that brought you together.

You will always be on the good side of your woman when you know what she likes and values. Mark these days on your calendar and take the opportunity to show her some love and move her closer to you. It is not a must that you spend a lot on this days, but you just have to make her feel special.