Is Follow Adder the leading Instagram Bot on the market?

2019 resulted in many automated services being closed down by Instagram. This included leading bots such as Instagress. Instagram does not want these Bots being used on its social media platform and states that they are in breach of its terms of use policy. The shutdown of these leading bots affected a lot of users many of whom used the automated services for business purposes. Instagram Bots are seen as an ideal tool to help market brands products and services because they are time efficient and cost-effective.

What are Bots?

Bots are a time-efficient tool because they enable the user to complete tedious tasks of finding relevant accounts through searching hashtags, following them, liking and commenting on their posts. Compared to doing this manually which can be a very laborious and time-consuming task.  These tasks are done to engage with relevant users in hopes the user will follow you back. However, as a follow back is not guaranteed it can be quite a frustrating approach. The use of a Bot will do these engagement tasks on autopilot which allows you to focus on other key areas of your business.

Who uses their services?

Businesses that previously used Instagress are looking for a Bot that is just as effective and deemed to be safe and reliable. There are many new Bots that have sprung onto the market recently so there is a huge selection to choose from. However, the one that people are choosing to invest in is an automated service that was unaffected by Instagram’s crackdown.

What is the best Bot available on the market?

Fred says Follow Adder as an ideal replacement for Instagress. Follow Adder is believed to be safe to use because it survived the Instagram crackdowns of 2017. It is very effective when growing your Instagram following with many users having prosperous results from it. These users are also saying that it is easy to use and operate compared to other automated services.

What are its features?

This Bot has all of the key features which other Bots have plus a few extra ones that set it apart from the competition and have given it the status of being the best Bot currently on the market.

Follow Adder can, of course, complete the tedious tasks of finding relevant accounts through searching hashtags, following them, liking and commenting on their posts, all of this which is done on autopilot.

It is a great tool for managing your account. It has a scheduling feature which allows you to schedule multiple posts in advance. Posting your content at scheduled intervals allows your account to appear as natural as possible and avoid looking like spam which could come to the attention of Instagram and as a result have negative effects on your account.

Follow Adder has a tool which allows you to make lists. Lists are important when it comes to scheduling your profile as it allows you to create user list stating which audience demographics you want to target and engage with.