Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone- The Perfect Choice for Landscaping and Patio

Reclaimed Yorkshire stone is an excellent choice if you’re thinking of sprucing up your patio or doing some landscaping. And the beauty of it is that it blends perfectly well with a variety of styles and tastes. Sure, you’ll have to part with a tidy sum, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. What follows is a rundown of why you should use Yorkshire stone for patio and landscaping.

Timeless Appeal

Yorkshire stone will never go out of fashion – in every sense of the word. Here’s the thing – take a walk around, and see the houses made using this stone. Don’t they look beautiful year in, year out? Yes. That’s why it makes perfect sense to use it for your patio. In other words, when you use the stone within your property, you can rest assured that it’ll remain current and eye-catching for hundreds for years. Now, that’s value for money right there!

A Rich History

Yorkshire stone has a long and rich history. It predominantly features in cities and buildings not only in the United Kingdoms but also around the world. As the name suggests, the stone’s original home is in Yorkshire. More specifically, it is more than a hundred years old, quarried from old northern mills. The long and short of it is that York stone will bring an “ancientness” feel in your home.

And, did you know that the stone gets better with time, making it more attractive? Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to give your patio a unique appearance?

(Almost) Lasts Forever

York stone could very well be your best bet if you’re scouting for unrivaled durability. It is an enduring choice even when used for landscaping. Of course, longevity means that you don’t have to spend lots of cash for maintenance and resurfacing.

Because of its hardwearing nature, reclaimed stone will always stand the test of time. Besides, a worn appearance only adds to its beauty. But wait, how durable is this stone? Well, to give you a better perspective, it is the stone of choice for busy high streets since it can withstand the demands of heavy use.

Low Environmental Impact

For starters, Yorkshire stone is natural. By extension, this means that it is relatively environmentally friendly when pitted against man-made alternatives. It is essential to mention that prefabricated stones release chemicals that can harm the air within your living space. York stone, on the other hand, generates lesser CO2 in comparison to concrete, marble or clay bricks, for instance.

The Versatility Aspect

Other than landscaping and patio, there no limitations as to how you can use York stone. It is flexible enough for pavements, gardens, and driveways to mention but a few. It is also ideal for indoor use because of its excellent conductivity. Moreover, many homeowners install it together with underfloor heating systems. You can even use it for wall cladding, countertops, and staircase. Yes, that’s how adaptable the stone is.

How to Choose Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone for Landscaping and Patio

You must know how to select York stone that offers what you need and one that will transform your home. Here’s what should be running through your mind before spending your money.

What’s your Style?

Is your house modern or classic in style? Do you want the patio material to match the appearance of your home or are you okay to mix old and new? Yorkshire reclaimed stone is an all-rounder. It will fit your style, whether traditional or contemporary. You only need to know how to be careful with the quality.

Which Color Do you Want?

Are you landscaping the bright, sunny part of your garden? Or, is shade an issue? Be sure to think about the colors of the stone you’re buying. At the very least, you should opt for tones that complement nearby buildings. You should also consider if the stone’s color will make the space around your patio dull or bright.

A light colored stone, for instance, will come in handy if you want to spruce up a dark area. On the flipside, however, you have to deal with constant cleaning to ensure that the stone maintains its appeal.

Where are you Getting the Stone?

Make sure that you do some background check about your supplier. That way, you will know whether he/she is sourcing the stone ethically. Reclaimed Yorkshire stone is expensive, and you want to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

Avoid cheap stone – it could be smuggled or of low quality.

Whenever possible, visit the supplier’s yard. Apart from ensuring that he/she is genuine, doing so also enables you to see the stones laid out en masse. Further, it helps you choose the color and textures that you want as opposed to going through a brochure.

Tip – Visit the yard in dry weather to feel the exact texture and quality of the stone.

What’s your Budget?

Ensure that you do your calculations correctly before heading out to purchase Yorkshire stone. Factor in the cost of laying the stone. Keep in mind that these stones vary in thickness. You’ll have to pay more to your landscaper to mount stones with varying thickness because it’s tedious and time-consuming.

Where Will you Use the Stone?

Algae will cover your stone if you’re laying it an area that hardly gets sunlight, so be ready to do regular maintenance. You also need to consider the surface of the stone. It has to be even to prevent slips and falls if you’re using it for your driveway. Remember, Yorkshire stone is dangerous when wet.

The Bottom Line

There’s every reason to use reclaimed Yorkshire stone for your patio and landscaping. Even then, you need to talk to a professional landscaper for advice on how to choose the stone that works for you and your home’s style.

Don’t forget to consider your drainage system if you’ll be using the stone outdoors. The last thing that you want is to spend heavily on York stone only for rainwater to damage it.