Why We Still Love Retro Games

Video games have come a long way since their invention years ago. New ones are invented each day to incorporate more elaborate features and control. Yet, these games are not as straightforward and enjoyable as the ones we played as kids. They can be difficult for those who do not have the required level of skills. For instance, if you give an old person a PS4 controller, they will spend half the time trying to memorize the buttons. They need a whole lot of training to understand how to play even the best selling games available today.

Even for veteran gamers, the complexity of these games may result in a complete turnoff. Some of the games that feature a simple design like Super Mario World remain to be as effective as they were back in the days. With such games, your child only needs a few seconds to master the art of playing them. The concept of simplicity is an attractive aspect of every game. This is the reason why retro games such as Axiom Verge remain popular. The simpler it is to play a game, the more fun it becomes.

Most Retro Games Have Better Music

The gaming industry has drastically changed in several ways. From 3 dimensions, voice acting to integration of elaborate stories like those seen on big screens, some latest games feature soundtracks and orchestrated scores that are received with mixed reactions. The reason why most people do not fancy this is because the old theme songs helped people to connect with the game. If you ever played the Treasure Island Dizzy, you probably can still remember its theme song.

Due to the simplicity of early games, the music was always good and provided a great stimulation for the players. There are a few great soundtracks for some games today, but they are nothing compared to the good old games.

Retro Games Were More Challenging

Modern games are less challenging because they tend to give obvious hints to the player. They are nowhere near games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls which had a high level of difficulty. These games challenged the player to continue nonstop and didn’t have any tutorials. The great thing with retro games is that they didn’t allow you to pause and the player had to master all the attack patterns to survive.


It is very easy to dismiss nostalgia as a non-issue when it comes to gaming. The truth is, retro games had a way of leaving the player with a longing for a more fulfilling gaming experience. Today’s games have nothing close to this. They don’t give you the desire to want to play them again. They have very little to miss about and do not involve a lot of fun.

Final words

With all this, you realize that old games gave us something that will be treasured for years to come, and you can see for yourself just click here.  Modern games are freely available on the internet but do not give the player a great deal when it comes to a fulfilling experience. Unlike modern games that require drivers, patches or updates to install and play, all you need for retro games is the right hardware.